ELTIM audio BV

Eenrummerweg 5
the Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)595 491748
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We also represent PURESONIC connectors in Europe:

EU Dealers wanted !

We also have our own webshop in english, german and dutch language:

where we sell our Angel Hair of course, but also:

ELTIM Amplifier modules (dealers wanted)
ELTIM Power supply modules (dealers wanted)
Drive units & parts
Crossover components
Power supply components
Electronics enclosures
Connectors & Cable
Active and passive electronic parts
Switches & Relays
Grammophone Cartridges, Styli & Acc.
etc, etc.

Need any part or electronics not listed?
Mail, and most probably we can help you!
Want us to sell your products? Mail as well.