ELTIM Twaron® Angel Hair, the innovative damping material for acoustic purposes.

This material is based on Teijin's Twaron fibers. ELTIM audio and his contractors transform the Twaron fibers in a 3- phase process in the highly expanding and soft material with a very wide frequency domain damping area.

Since our Angel Hair is a very light and effective material, you only need around 3-5 grams / liter cabinet volume. You need way less in weight and it brings way better results than any other material we are aware of. This high-tech material is processed in three, quite expensive manual runs, resulting in the final material. It is very suitable for use in:

- Loudspeakers

- Tube Traps

- Acoustic damping panels

The self expanding, soft and homogenous Angel Hair mass present a "refreshing" sound absorption not noticed with any damping material before. As confirmed by many loudspeaker manufacturers, DIY-ers, reviewers and audience at audio demo's, it shows:

=  More accurate 3D presentation          
=  More fine detail reproduction
=  Flatter frequency response
=  Way better waterfall response
=  Better attack and decay
=  More tight and accurate bass response
=  About unflammable (PA safety rules?)
=  Most easy to work with
=  Non toxic
=  etc, etc.

Check the "What the media say" page above for some interesting reviews.


  Only 25g in an 8 liter cabinet            The soft, clean, homogenous and expanding Angel Hair as we provide it.

          Microscopic picture: very open structure.                      More enlarged, a human hair compared to Angel Hair
If you are a professional user you can order a free sample and get conviced too.
We will NOT respond to private people asking for a free sample, sorry. 

Unfortunally, quality is copied !!
You can detect this counterfeited material quite easy: they all are NOT expanding, more massive and with flocks of rest material in it. Some (Chinese) are not even made from TWARON fibers, but using some other yellow coloured stuff to fool you. Some even bluntly copy the texts, pictures and graphs shown on this website, so also breaching our copyrights. These counterfeited products (produced in a way cheaper method and sometimes offered by highly regarded names) are around 10-50% MORE expensive than our original material.

Check the dealerpages on this site for purchase of the ONLY original quality as produced for us please. Only companies buying our original material (since 2008) are listed here.

On bags with the original, high quality product is our logo as in the picture above.