TWARON Unicorn Tail

TWARON Unicorn Tail hair is a wadding product, especially made for ELTIM audio BV by
TWARON®   Unicorn Tail

This material is basically cleaned and coamed TWARON fibers, supplied in an easy to use "endless" string. It is developed for absorbing and damping of the lower (<1kHz) audio frequency range, f.e. in subwoofers, transmissionline pipes, damping panels, etc. It is a easy to work with and not aging. Behaviour of this material is so different compared to all known other materials that you simply have to try this at least......

Human hair compared to TWARON Hairs
The extreme thin synthetic TWARON fibers are carded to a very soft and dense "horsetail" model wadding mass. Unlike glass- and other synthetic fibers, TWARON is conducting heat (due to caused vibrations) very well and so absorbing the acoustic movement energy extremely well and in a very different way compared to all other known materials used for this purpose. Since we use "endless" strings of fibers, the working band of this material shifts down compared to Angel Hair and is so an improving replacement for Dr. Bailey's longhair, etc. as often used in Transmissionline systems.

Bass response will be extremely "tight" in (sub)woofer cabinets. In transmissionline pipes, the harmonics are damped in most efficient way, resulting in a very nice, clean bass response.

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TWARON Unicorn Tail, FREE SAMPLE for professionals only !

TWARON Unicorn Tail, FREE SAMPLE for professionals only !

Ideal in transmissionline systems and an improvement where Dr. Bailey's longhair is used/recommended

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